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Myschyffe Managed is a New Hampshire-based a cappella group specializing in medieval and renaissance madrigals.​

This motley crew was formed in 2006 by Lord and Lady Fafnir.  They gathered together a small herd of "Ren Rats" with a tenuous grasp on reality who also love to sing. They began performing at Renaissance Faires throughout New England and quickly established themselves as one of the few independent groups performing authentic period music of the medieval and renaissance eras.  Our group members feel that a bit of authentic period music adds to the overall ambiance of the various renaissance faires gracing our locale, and our audiences seem to agree. Throughout the years, the group has expanded our musical repertoire and our performance venues beyond the Renaissance Faires.​

Our primary material is drawn from the madrigal masters of old from Italy, England, Spain, and France. To that, we have added classical and Baroque-era music as well as contemporary and comedy songs. Our goal is to recreate a small part of the musical past for the entertainment and appreciation of the public. We can, however, easily change from the serious music to the, shall we say, traditional songs of drunkenness and debauchery as sung by lords, wenches, and pirates the world over.


Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA - 2016

The "Original Six" in 2006

Connecticut Renaissance Faire - 2009

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